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100% Pure Maple Syrup is categorized into grades established by the USDA. All grades of maple syrup are equal in quality and purity. The grades are determined by color and flavor. Choosing between the grades is a personal preference.  See below for the grade descriptions.

Organic Pure Ohio Maple Syrup

Syrup is available in Golden-Delicate, Amber-Rich, Dark-Robust, and Very Dark-Strong

Gallon $48.00

Half-Gallon $28.50

Quart $17.00

Pint $10.00

Half Pint $7.00

Glass Maple-Leaf Shaped Bottles:
Large (250 ml) $11.00
Medium (100 ml) $8.00
Small (50 ml) $5.00

Organic Maple Sugar:
8 oz bag $8.00
16 oz bag $15.00

Organic Maple Candy:
Small Box $8.00
Bag $3.00

Organic Maple Spread (8oz) $7.00

Maple Peanuts (8oz): $2.50

Maple Walnuts (5oz):  $4.00
Maple Pecans (5oz): $4.00

Maple Popcorn:  $3.00

*Prices Subject to Change

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All Syrups are available in Golden-Delicate, Amber-Rich, Dark-Robust, Very Dark-Strong

Grade Comparison

All syrup grades have the same density, purity and sweetness.  The difference is in color and flavor as described below.

Grade Description



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